• November 29, 1966 - First Association Meeting

    Ÿ The North Carolina Juvenile Services Association was originally organized as the North Carolina Probation Association on September 13, 1966 at the Institute of Government in Chapel Hill, NC. The first meeting of the Association was held on November 29, 1966 in Chapel Hill.

  • March 10, 1967 - Name Change and Emblem

    Ÿ To reflect a more diverse membership as well as to extend and develop juvenile correctional services throughout the state, the name was changed to the North Carolina Juvenile Correctional Association on March 10, 1967. The emblem of the Association symbolized the integration of law, knowledge, and justice with the helping process that is basic to responsible services to children and their families in the correctional setting.

  • October 1970 - First Outstanding Service Award

    Ÿ  The first Outstanding Service Award was presented to Blaine Madison, Commissioner of the North Carolina Board of Juvenile Corrections in October 1970.

  • 1978 - Name Change to NCJSA and Mission Statement

    Ÿ  In 1978 the name was changed to the North Carolina Juvenile Services Association. “The purpose of this Association is to develop and extend services for children and youth throughout the state of North Carolina with primary interest in and concern for the promotion of quality standards and practices in all services directed toward the prevention of delinquency, the status offender , and for treatment, care and protection of children and youth. The implementation of this this purpose includes: (1) cultivating interest and enlisting public support; (2) promoting and securing legislation to enhance services for children and youth; (3) strengthening professional standards for staff and programs and encouraging the initiation of preventive services.”

  • 1979 - Banner and New Logo

    Ÿ  A banner featuring a new logo was presented to the Association in 1979.

  • August 1, 1997 - Approval of Nonprofit Status

    Ÿ  The Association was approved for 501(c) (3) {non profit} status on August 1, 1997.

  • 2010 Spring Conference

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  • 2010 Fall Conference


  • 2011 Fall Conference